#VapeLife: 15 Celebs Who Are Helping Shape The Vaping Trend

June 20, 2019 2 min read

#VapeLife: 15 Celebs Who Are Helping Shape The Vaping Trend

It is becoming more and more common: you’ll see someone vaping outside (or even inside) instead of smoking these days, so it’s no wonder celebrities are hopping on the vaping wagon just like the rest of us. Whether you knew these celebs enjoyed a good vape or not, here’s a list of 15 celebs who are helping shape the vaping trend. Enjoy!

1) Cara Delevingnepuff, puff, passes with her buddy MichelleRodriguez at a basketball game. Imgae: Pinterest

2) Emily Ratajkowskiflaunts her vape at a dinner party the same way she does her assets, with no shame.   Image:David X Prutting

3) Paris Hilton ties America and vaping together all in one photo.  Image: NY Vape Shop

4) Marc Jacobs embodies the “vapeonsita” image while vaping on a stoop in Summer of 2017. Image: W Magazine

5) Vanessa Hudgensisn’t worried about keeping her vape low key in her car. Image: Buzzfeed

6) Tom Hardy:Theactor, producer, and former model has vaped for years. Image: @tomsohardy

7) Sarah Silverman brought her vape straight to the red carpet at the Emmy’s, much to Giuliana Rancic’s surprise. Image: NY Vape Shop

8) Katy Perry inhales in a yellow sunflower top and short set on what appears to be quite a beautiful day. Image: VidresalaSang

9) Christina Milian and her man hit the streets, vapes in toe with no worries in the world. Image:Splash News

10) Justin Bieber brought his swag to the streets of Westwood, Los Angeles rocking blue plaid paired with all- black. Image: Daily Mail

11) Robert Pattinson doesn’t seem to think there’s anything shady about vaping. Image: Ramey Photos

12) Katherine Heigl is has been spotted enjoying her vaporizer on many occasions, and here’s just one of them. Image: E-Juice Connoisseur

13) Johnny Depp is a celebrity who enjoys vaping both on and off the screen. Image: VietVaping

14) Richard Hammond gets shouted out on Twitter for looking “like a promo pic for a festival about men’s rights” while vaping in public.

And last but not least…

15) Leonardo Dicaprio is the poster boy for vaping in Hollywood. From the Oscars to Coachella, Leo has no qualms about vaping in public, and he definitely looks good doing it. Image: Totally Liquid

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