5 places you probably THINK you are allowed to smoke your JUUL at... But are definitely NOT allowed to smoke at

July 02, 2019 2 min read

5 places you probably THINK you are allowed to smoke your JUUL at... But are definitely NOT allowed to smoke at

Vapes come in many shapes and sizes. Vaping is not only convenient, it is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. Although vaporizers are soaring in popularity and are even being sold at commonplace retailers like Wal Mart and 7 Eleven, many local and state jurisdictions are beginning to treat vaping just like smoking, thus banning vaping in many public vicinities. Here are 5 places you probably THINK you can enjoy a hit from your JUUL, but it is indeed forbidden.

1. Disneyland

There are plenty of ways to get a pretty good (and lawful) buzz going at Disneyland, but if you’d prefer to get that buzz from vaping, then you’ll have to go outside. According to Disney Park Rules, smoking and vaping are only allowed in designated areas outside of the park. In fact, smoking areas will no longer be present whatsoever in any of Disney’s domestic theme parks, water parks or the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

2. Airport

It’s plainly apparent in these 98 reddit comments that many people have vaped in airport bathrooms, and even airplane bathrooms, without causing a ruckus. One user even states that “The key is to inhale quietly and discreetly and hold it in until the vapor is gone and exhale slowly towards the ground. Works every time.” Exhaling anything containing nicotine on an airplane is a federal offense. And while vaping is prohibited in some airport terminals, most airports restrict vaping to smoking areas only. Be sure to check the rules of the airport before your trip so you don’t wind being fined tens of thousands of dollars, or worse, in custody!

3. Movie Theater

Like many public spaces, if you’re thinking of JUULing inside of the movie theater, you’ll have to take it outside. In order to protect the quality of the movie-going experience for non-vaping patrons, many theaters have banned vaping so vape clouds and secondhand smoke don’t cause a distraction.

4. Hotel Rooms

Hotel policies on vaping vary from place to place, but most of them consider it to be the same thing as smoking, and in this day and age will even have “vape free zone” signs posted. For the rule-breakers out there, it’s never a good idea to cover or tamper with a smoke detector in your hotel room either, as this is considered a criminal offense.

5. New York City

Since 2013, the Big Apple’s Smoke Free Air Act was amended to include e-cigarettes. That means no smoking (or vaping) in bars, restaurants, clubs, offices, beaches, pools and any other areas controlled by the New York City Parks Department, including Central Park.

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