This device will keep the Karen next door from calling police!

July 07, 2021 1 min read

This device will keep the Karen next door from calling police!

There's nothing worse than having your dream living situation ruined by that nosey Karen next door. Whether you're enjoying a little back yard bbq with friends or lighting up a fatty after a long day, she's ALWAYS there to talk crap about you on the neighborhood app, call the cops, or complain to the HOA to ruin the fun. 

Here are some tips and tricks to keep Karens everywhere out of your business! 

1. Use a PHILTER to hide your extracurricular activities. How does it work? Simply inhale whatever you're puffing on and exhale into the PHILTER. Our patented Zero-5 technology treats the exhale through multiple chambers and processes removing odor, toxins, particulates, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The result: no smoke. no smell. no angry Karens! 

2. If the police do end up coming to your house, be respectful and build a relationship with them. They probably don't want to be there, either. Once they see that you are kind and respectful, they'll likely realize you aren't the problem and will leave you alone. 

3. Try to warn Karen ahead of time when you are going to have a gathering so she can plan to either leave the house or prepare her over-sensitive ears. Extra credit: bake her a cake or bring her a bottle of wine as a peace-offering. 

4. Remember: some people are miserable human beings no matter how fair, kind, or respectful you are to them. Just live your life and don't let their misery keep you from doing what makes you happy!