The Deposit-Saving Device Stoners Are In Love With!

July 07, 2021 1 min read

The Deposit-Saving Device Stoners Are In Love With!

Moving into a new apartment or home is often scary but SO exciting! One important thing many people forget to take into account though is secondhand smoke and smell. If you are renting (who can afford buy a home these days?!), this is especially important!

If you are currently moving or have recently moved, then you know all about that little thing called a deposit! This can be hundreds to thousands of dollars and can be lost in the blink of an eye on the whim of the property manager--even for something as little as secondhand smoke or smell. Enter PHILTER! The small, discrete, personal-sized smoke filter that eliminates secondhand smoke and smell so you can live on your own terms and keep that deposit safe.

With moving comes decorating! You've probably spent more on furniture and home decor from your Pinterest boards than you initially intended to so make sure you keep that investment fresh and re-sale worthy. Secondhand smoke and smell doesn't just corrupt the air. The invisible particles end up settling on furniture and the floor causing it to smell and even discolor. Not with PHILTER, though!  Simply inhale whatever you're puffing on and exhale into the PHILTER. Our patented Zero-5 technology treats the exhale through multiple chambers and processes removing odor, toxins, particulates, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The result: no smoke. no smell. no ruined furniture!

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