You Can Smoke Weed And Be A Good Mom

May 07, 2021 2 min read

You Can Smoke Weed And Be A Good Mom

PSA Moms get lit too...

With Mother's Day around the corner we wanted to highlight an epic #CannaMom that we admire.

Meet April Pride: mother of two, Founder of The High Guide and Vanderpop, serial entrepreneur, and overall badass!

We connected with her for a quick interview to kick off Mother's Day

Why cannabis?
Why not cannabis is the question?!?! For everything from reduced drinking to improved sleep to more patient parenting and a more satisfying intimate life, why not cannabis?

What are some current projects you are working on? 
What am I not working on?!?! I've just ended my run as host of the podcast I co-created to establish Of Like Minds, an agency of cannabis, creativity  & conscience. We develop collaborative projects with women-founded cannabis brands and non-cannabis brands. The results are products and experiences sure to be benchmarks of modern cannabis culture. Launching in July is our first project The High Guide, a podcast and online resource that includes A-z advice from experts in a variety of subjects who are also cannabis consumers. Definitely sign up for our newsletter at to join on my next adventure.

What advice would you give to women and/or mothers who are cannacurious?
There are three steps I recommend women take when looking to explore cannabis either the first time or more deeply: 
1. Be clear on the outcome you want. 
Is it to solve a health challenge, simply relax, as an alcohol alternative? Or maybe you have no purpose and are you simply curious, which is 100% totally cool!  
2. Determine how you want to consume.
To heal aching muscles, topicals are the clear place to start and, also, cannabis can be “layered” meaning, perhaps your body aches are due to inflammation in which case a high CBD tincture paired with a topical is a powerful combo. Vape pens are great for migraine relief - hits fast and is short acting. For every desired outcome, there is likely a better & best cannabis solution. 

3. Understand dosing.
CBD:THC - When reading product labels - like tinctures - printed with CBD:THC ratios , the number to the left of the colon always refers to CBD and the number to the right always refers to THC. My cheat is ‘C’ comes before ‘T’. So 1:1 is equal parts CBD and THC. When consumed simultaneously, CBD naturally diminishes the effects of THC. The intoxicating effect of a 1:1 formulation is most similar to a glass of champagne.

Anything else you'd like our community to know?
My mission along with the mission of so many in this industry is for consumers to understand the responsibility they have to help women founded businesses - and businesses founded by
people of color - increase their market share as bigger companies with bigger budgets and different values take a foothold in our industry. Know your farmer & your founder - it really matters so much!