Why should you bother to PHILTER?

March 16, 2021 2 min read

Why should you bother to PHILTER?

Cleaner Air, Healthier World
What’s more beneficial than a technology that contributes to cleaner air for a healthier world? Smoke and vapor emissions contain thousands of chemicals, dozens of which have been found to be toxic or carcinogens. Those particulates and pollutants can remain hanging in the air for up to 3 minutes after an exhale. That can pose a risk to both other people and pets. The PHILTER personal air filter products don’t just mask or block airborne particulates, they capture and dissolve them. And that means cleaner air for a healthier world.

Cutting-Edge Filtration Technology for Nicotine or Cannabis That Works
PHILTER products are made possible by the ground-breaking, cutting-edge technological innovation pioneered by Philter Labs. It’s a technology that works for both nicotine and cannabis adult vape and e-cigarette products. Did you ever stuff some dryer sheets in a paper towel or toilet paper roll as a makeshift filter back in the day? Well, the PHILTER is a nicotine and weed smoke filter that actually works. It utilizes Philter Labs’ patented, proprietary Zero-5™ innovation that breaks down and removes particulates and odors. This 5-step filtration process captures and destroys 97% of airborne pollutants, particulates, and VOCs as small as .3 microns. For reference, smoke particles are 1 micron, while .3 microns is the size of viruses and bacteria.

Reduce the Odor of Smoke in Your Home or Car
Beyond the obvious environmental and health benefits of making the air cleaner, there is a practical advantage for adult e-cigarette and vape consumers as well—odor reduction. Most people aren’t particularly fond of having their home or car constantly smell like stale smoke. With a Philter Labs PHILTER personal air filter smoke and vapor-related odor is drastically reduced with every exhale.

Exhale with Purpose
As a final feel-good benefit—Philter Labs works with a variety of charities and social advocacy groups as part of their continuing mission to make the world a better place. One of those groups is One Tree Planted, an environmental initiative that has partnered with Philter Labs to plant over 1,000 trees. Experience the difference a PHILTER personal filter can make for adult vapers and e-cigarette