We asked... you answered! Secondhand smoke survey

September 30, 2020 2 min read

We asked... you answered! Secondhand smoke survey

In order to better understand how we can serve YOU, our amazing customers turned clean air champions, we sent out a survey asking about your smoking habits and routines. The information you provided was invaluable to us and will go a long way to help protect your rights and the rights of others. From experiences of discrimination, to how COVID-19 is impacting your habits, here is what we found!

1. You Care!
The enormous response we've had since the launch of PHILTER has led us to believe that you care about how your actions affect others, but even more exciting is that 91% of you are concerned with how your secondhand smoke affects the environment. We love to see this. In a world of "me, me, me!" we could use a lot more of YOU. If only more people cared about how their actions impact others and the environment like you do!
2. Victims of Unwarranted Judgement 
Over half of you (55%) confessed that you have felt judged for your lifestyle choices. This was disappointing, but sadly, not surprising. We founded Philter Labs so smokers and non-smokers alike could live in harmony -- without judgement or discomfort. We hope our products help you feel safe enough to live life on your own terms.

3. You're loving PHILTER!
We are SO HAPPY to hear that the overwhelming majority of you (84%) find PHILTER to not only be a useful product, but better than the competition! Thank you, PHILTER Fam! While we continue to grow and strive to make improvements every day, we appreciate your support more than anything. 

4. Needs Met! 
Perhaps the most encouraging finding of all was that 88% of you said you'd feel better about your choice to vape or smoke if no one could see or smell your secondhand smoke. This means we are addressing a major need by offering a solution to secondhand smoke and smell, so thoughtful people like you can feel better about their lifestyle choices. At Philter Labs, this is our ultimate mission: to improve the lives of cannabis and nicotine users.