This product is helping travelers dodge hotel fines!

July 07, 2021 1 min read

This product is helping travelers dodge hotel fines!

If you're looking for a stoner-friendly hotel or airbnb for your next vacation... GOOD LUCK! The pickins' are slim and the cleaning fees are high. While there is no better way to relax on vacay than lighting on up, is planning your entire trip around where you can and can't consume the best idea? Probably not and totally unnecessary. Why?


Whether you're a resort-life vacationer who prefers the all-inclusive hotel experience, or the unique and adventurous airbnb-er, PHILTER is here to save your vacation... and your wallet. 

Almost ALL hotels and airbnbs worth their salt have strict no smoking rules. This is why they are (hopefully) always fresh and clean for vacationers upon arrival and come with astronomical cleaning fines for any secondhand smoke and smell residue left behind by occupants. 

With PHILTER, you can fully enjoy your vacation on your own terms. Simply inhale whatever you're puffing on and exhale into the PHILTER. Our patented Zero-5 technology treats the exhale through multiple chambers and processes removing odor, toxins, particulates, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds). The result: no smoke. no smell. no extra fines!