The Best of the Internet - Quarantine Edition

April 03, 2020 1 min read

The Best of the Internet - Quarantine Edition

With all the craziness and anxiety going around the world, we wanted to lighten your day a bit with the best COVID-19 quarantine memes thus far! Want to spread the love and laughter? Share this with your friends and family!

Oh... you're upset because quarantine is making you miss your daily yoga class? That must be really hard for you. Try having an army of tiny terrorists (children) running around your house screaming, crying, throwing stuff, and making a mess 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

2. Month Long 4/20
Thank GOD for April! The entire month is 4/20 so now you don't have to feel bad about how much your cannabis consumption has increased during quarantine. Enjoy this month-long holiday. You deserve it!

3. Summer 2020
Even though we will all be much paler and much larger than we have ever been before after quarantine, WE JUST WANT TO GO OUTSIDE! We're not asking for much. Just some fresh air and sunshine. Is it summer yet? 

REMINDER: COVID-19 is a disease that heavily impacts lungs and lung function. We get that smoking helps relieve stress during these anxious and uncertain times... TRUST us. But make sure you do your part to reduce the effect of your secondhand smoke on others: PHILTER!