Meet your new best PHREND!

March 16, 2022 2 min read

Meet your new best PHREND!

Our team at Philter Labs is beyond thrilled to announce the release of our all-new, first-ever biodegradable product: the PHREND! After listening to the feedback from our amazing customers and fans around the world, we realized everyday cannabis consumers were in desperate need of an efficient and sustainable solution to secondhand smoke and smell in their households. 

Enter the PHREND by Philter Labs. The PHREND is our largest capacity, most eco-friendly product to date lasting up to 500 exhales and made from bio-plastic that breaks down in the earth just a few years after disposal. The increased capacity ensures the product is used 3x longer before disposal to reduce waste. Once the product is disposed of, the bio-plastic ensures it is not polluting the earth for countless years to come. 

In addition to the product itself, the packaging is also sustainable. Every component of the PHREND and PHREND packaging is either biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, or reusable. From the biodegradable plastic film in the packaging, to the seed paper sleeve, we made the PHREND as earth friendly as possible. 

Key features: 
- biodegradable cartridge 
- lasts 500 exhales 
- larger capacity 
- reusable outer casing 
- recyclable and biodegradable packaging 
- compostable seed paper sleeve packaging 
- sleek design in sea foam green 
- made specifically for flower users

We realize that our quest for clean air must be aligned with a clean earth, and that starts with materials. Looking towards the future, we will be continuing our quest towards sustainability with the PHREND leading the way. After the design success we've achieve using biodegradable materials while building the PHREND, we've decided that moving forward, all our disposable parts will be made of the same sustainable material.