Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Best Smoking Accessories for your Best Buds 

December 10, 2019 3 min read

Holiday Gift Guide: 5 Best Smoking Accessories for your Best Buds 

It’s all fun and games until good old Santa checks that Naughty List. But luckily, you’re not Santa! Whether they’ve been naughty or nice this year, they’re still your best buds, and it’s up to you to make sure their holidaze are lit. We’ve rounded up these smokin’ ho ho hot gifts for your stoner friends and ya know, that one person who’s been extra, extra good this year, YOU! Whether you’re an experienced pot smoker or a total newbie, you simply can’t go wrong stuffing anyone’s stocking with these smoking accessories and marijuana merch.

1. The Dart Co

Any stoner knows that convenience is key. Inspired and created in Los Angeles, the DART Cointroduces a unique twist to the smoking experience, making it easy to enjoy fresh greens anytime. You can’t really find a more compact, stylish or discreet pipe on the market when you just want a quick hit, especially for only $9.99. It also saves you time when it comes to rolling joints or blunts and is easy to clean with a built-in ash release mechanism.

2. Bentley Rolling RAW rolling tray

One of our fave Instagram photographers/filmmakers, Bentley Rolling, has collaborated with RAW to create the rolling tray of every stoner’s dreams. Who wouldn’t want to gaze at a beautifully rolled (and photographed) blunt featured on 11” x 14” durable metal while rolling their own? Talk about inspo! This large, high-quality tray has rounded edges all the way around so you won’t lose anything in the corners. Santa, can you hear us?

3. Daily High Club Monthly Subscription

These days, there’s a subscription box for literally everything. Your dog has a box, your beauty loving friend has a box, so why shouldn’t your stoner friend get a box?! Especially when Tommy Chong, Wake Flock, B-Real and 250k+ other smokers love Daily High Club products. Boxes are generally curated around a theme for each month and can include a variety of glass such as glass bongs, novelty glass, or even massive steamrollers. You can also find various high-grade rolling papers, cones, an ashtray, smell-proof stash bag, no-smell spray, clips, lighters, etc. Daily High Club? Sign us up!

4. Discrete weed carrying bags by DimeBags

These aren’t the same dime bags you used to get in high school, although the creators of DimeBags have been slanging since 2008. If you or anyone on your list needs that extra feeling of security when traveling with flower, you can keep your secret locked up tight in one of their Omerta smell proof bags or one of many more versatile designs. Based in colorful Colorado and known for their exceptional customer service, DimeBags is definitely at the top of our list!


When Santa’s sleigh takes flight on Christmas Eve, hopefully it won’t be leaving a huge trail of smoke behind thanks to his recent discovery of PHILTER. These new personalized and pocket-sized smoke filters are making an impact for stoners, smokers vapers and non-smokers alike thanks to their forward-thinking solutions and sleek design. The team at PHILTER is addressing an issue that affects millions worldwide in that of secondhand vapor and smoke.  Choose from the POCKET, PHLIP or PHILTER 3 Pack and you and your buds will be saying goodbye to the smoke and smell from secondhand vapor and smoke in no time. After all, what could be merrier than taking a toke and leaving nothing but ambient air behind?

Wishing you and everyone on your list the happiest of holidaze!