Hold on there, Judge Judy... Are you judging vapers too quickly?

June 13, 2019 2 min read

Hold on there, Judge Judy... Are you judging vapers too quickly?

Who here has seen Judge Judy?

Judy Sheindlin has presided over her own successful 3-time Daytime Emmy Award-winning court show series since September of 1996, and we’re pretty sure that she’s graced the screen of every television in the United States of America at least once. Millions tune in to learn Judge Judy’s lessons on life and the law, and of course, viewers are also treated to plenty of overly-dramatic action in the courtroom. It’s no wonder Judge Judy one of the most-watched women in television. There is even such a thing as a “judyism” which, according to the Urban Thesaurus, is a stern, yet humorous phrase, insult or general word of wisdom often uttered by Judge Judy on the program.

While Judge Judy and her “judyisms” are no doubt influential on society, it doesn’t take having your own show on CBS and making $47 million a year to judge someone… especially when it comes to something as controversial as vaping.

Are you guilty of judging vapers too quickly?

Many times, vapers can experience harsh looks and even comments from onlookers when realistically, it’s nobody’s business why they are vaping in the first place. Whether you’re vaping as an alternative to smoking or using cannabis for your personal health, it’s your choice.

Remember, some of of these people might be taking a dose of medicine to help them feel better. You wouldn't judge someone taking a prescription pill at dinner, so why judge someone who might be vaping for their health?

Even before the popularity of vaping began to skyrocket in 2010, the vapor industry itself spent plenty of time in courts; it’s advocates campaigning for better treatment and prevention of a premature shutdown by the World Health Organization and other institutions. This all happened before there was adequate research to support that vaping is actually much safer than smoking. Thanks to independent research, it was finally brought to light that vapes and most e-juice are free of the carcinogens and other harmful chemicals found in tobacco products.

Now that vaping has been proven healthier than smoking, and vapers also have the opportunity to filter their vape with one of PHILTER’s personalized filtration products, the end of stigma surrounding vaping will hopefully be coming to a close. No more will secondhand and thirdhand smoke be a topic of discussion; and the bridge between vapers and non-vapers will finally be built.

At PHILTER, webelieve in personal rights as much as we believe in clean air and a polite society. Are you ready to join the movement?