Customer Spotlight: Breanna Torres

July 23, 2020 2 min read

Customer Spotlight: Breanna Torres

At PHILTER we are all about personal rights, a politer society, caring about how your actions impact others... and YOU! Our PHILTER Phamily! 

Without you, none of this would be possible, so we wanted to share the spotlight with some of our stand-out customers.

Breanna Torres, Massachusetts, 25

Tell us 1 fun fact about yourself!
I love collecting stickers 🤗
What do you usually prefer to smoke/vape?
I’m really big on indicas or hybrids, but if it’s a clean the house kind of day, sativa all the way (but those don’t happen super often 😂) 
Where is your favorite place to smoke/vape? Are you allowed to smoke/vape there?
Any mountains anywhere really.. and I guess technically no, but no ones around and the PHILTER makes it easier! 
What are your thoughts about secondhand smoke/vape?
Just don’t blow it in my face, and be smart about it in public 🤷‍♀️
What made you decide to purchase a PHILTER?
To decrease the amount of second hand smoke/vape I produce in areas I maybe shouldn’t be smoking, or around people who don’t like the smell/ become nauseous from it. 

How has using a PHILTER positively impacted your life? 
I don’t smell like weed every time I smoke and then go somewhere, so that’s nice. not that I care, I just know some people do. 

Would you recommend PHILTER to a friend? 
Absolutely, I think the PHILTER is a very useful product to have and use in the case where you may be around someone who doesn’t like the smell of marijuana smoke or gets nauseous from smelling it, or in the case if you’re in a public place or even in the car too.

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