Your 3 Top Complaints and How We Solved Them

November 07, 2019 2 min read

Your 3 Top Complaints and How We Solved Them

Convenience is probably one of my favorite things in life.The state of being able to proceed with little effort or difficulty is a state that I’d prefer to be in most of the time. Whether it’s Starbucks being right around the corner from my apartment or being able to order food through an app, having my gym right across the street from work or being able to enjoy a hit of my vape with the peace of mind that I’m not offending anyone in the process, convenience is indeed an important key to truly living the good life. When it comes to vaping, there are 3 top complaints about vape filters on the market that take away from the very convenience of using a filter in the first place. PHILTER took a look at fixing these issues, and here’s what we came up with to fix them:

Mouthpiece:  Puff, puff, exhale into a huge device that draws a crazy amount of attention the minute you pull it out of your bag? We think not. The mouthpiece is the portion of the vape or vape filter that can make or break your vaping experience. If you’ve seen other vape filters, you might have noticed that many of them are huge and often, the mouthpiece is even reminiscent of a breathalyzer. Both the PHILTER POCKET and PHLIP boast sleek, refined designs and a slim profile that are a solution empowering you to vape in even the most sophisticated of situations while still keeping a low profile.

Lint:  According to this reddit forum, lint getting into your vape is a common issue. One user asks for tips: “Even when I use a standard 510 drip tip with a more narrow opening, lint and dirt and crap still get into my coils. There's no way I'd be able to carry a drip tip with me out of the house. How do you guys do it?”By incorporating advanced aerodynamic principals into the design, Philter Labs built a filter small enough to fit in a pocket, minus the lint.

Longevity:  The longevity of each vape or filter depends on your vaping style, the juice, the mod you use, etc.The patented filters by PHILTER offer a five-step filtration process that isgood to go for up to 200 exhales.. Keep it with your vape or try the PHLIP, so you’ll never be without a filter when you need it.

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