3 Easy Ways You Can Contribute to Cleaner Air and Earth

November 10, 2019 2 min read

3 Easy Ways You Can Contribute to Cleaner Air and Earth

Would you consider yourself an environmentalist? With all of the buzz going on about climate change these days, there’s no doubt that doing your part to protect Mother Nature has probably gone up a few notches on your list of priorities. While you don’t have to be Greta Thunberg to have a passion for the planet, it is important to be aware that there are simple things that you can do to help make a difference in the emissions you generate, and the footprint you leave behind. Here are some easy tips to help you contribute to cleaner air and a better environment:

1. Minimize your plastic use

Plastic straws, plastic water bottles, plastic bags… oh my. According to a recent article in The Guardian, the USA represents just 4% of the world’s population, but it produces 12% of global municipal solid waste. That’s not what we’d call balanced. So, how can you make a difference in your day-to-day? Whether you’re enjoying happy hour or stocking up at the grocery store, there are countless ways you can easily reduce your plastic use when it comes to the resources you purchase and consume. Try using a reusable water bottle and bringing your own silverware to work that can be washed and reused. You can also do your best to avoid using plastic straws all together. And even though sometimes you may forget them, reusable plastic bags should also be a no brainer. Every little piece of plastic adds up, which means every little bit saved, counts.

2. Eat less meat

Next time you’re craving a juicy burger, you might want to take into consideration that one person can save approximately 219,000 gallons of water a year simply by going vegan. PETAsays that globally, animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gases than all the world’s transportation systems combined. According to the United Nations, a global shift toward a vegan diet is necessary to combat the worst effects of climate change. On that note, pass the Beyond Burger, please!


Everyone should have the right to expect and deserve clean air. Separating smokers and nonsmokers within the same air space may help a little when it comes to controlling the fumes, but it doesn’t totally eliminate the exposure of nonsmokers to secondhand smoke or vapor. Whether you’re smoking cannabis, CBD or nicotine, the rest of the world probably doesn’t want to inhale your emissions. Imagine a society where people are respected for their personal choices, and vapers and non-vapers can co-exist in peace. Our pocket-sized filters work with all of the above to reduce the toxins you exhale and create cleaner air with less judgement to boot.

We only have one home. How are you protecting it?

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