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PHREND 2-Pack Refills

Light Brown

Our 1st biodegradable filter cartridge available as a 2-pack! 

Made specifically for the PHREND, these filters eliminate secondhand smoke and smell for the professional cannabis smokers who prefer combustibles over oils. 

Plus, you can breathe easy knowing that the biodegradable cartridge you dispose of will not add to the growing pile of plastics plaguing our landfills and ecosystems for decades to come: it will biodegrade in under 3 years! 


  • Filter cartridge easily biodegrades in less than three years in a landfill; no need to recycle or compost
  • Keep the reusable PHREND case and simply replace the biodegradable cartridge for less waste
  • Up to 500 exhales per PHILTER cartridge
  • Packaging bag is compostable 


There is a difference between biodegradable packaging and compostable packaging. Biodegradable simply means a material breaks down into the ground. Compostable materials also break down, but they add nutrients to the soil too, which enriches it. Compostable materials also disintegrate at a naturally faster rate.  If you’re not able to compost your packaging, simply toss it into your regular trash can. As noted, it will quickly biodegrade in your local landfill.