Yuval Shenkal

Yuval Shenkal, Co-Founder, Co-Inventor, Board Chairman

A 30-year veteran of industrial design and mechanical engineering, Mr. Shenkal is the founder and president of ID+M Inc., an internationally recognized, multifaceted product development firm with offices in USA, Hong-Kong and Israel, where his company has provided uniquely innovative design and application solutions for industry leaders and start-ups in area of consumer products, medical devices industrial, electronic, wireless and personal care products. Additionally, Mr. Shenkal is the active CEO of three companies and serves on the board of directors of seven other companies, respectively. Mr. Shenkal is a widely respected innovator who holds dozens of utility and design patents in various fields.

Mr. Shenkal holds a degree in Design Engineering from San Diego State University and an advanced degree in Industrial Design from ACCD in Pasadena. He is married, resides in north San Diego County and is very active in variety of local and international organizations.