Philter Labs, Inc. is the global leader in nanofiltration technology and is applying its cutting-edge, patented science
to devices that eliminate secondhand smoke.

Our engineers and scientists singular focus is to create new technologies that finally solve one of the most stigmatized social and health issues of our time: secondhand smoke.

1 in 20

US adults claim to vape or

smoke frequently.



are concerned with their

secondhand smoke

Particulates and pollutants
from vapor and smoke plumes

can hang in the air for up to


after being exhaled.

*statistics based on internal surveys and lab testing

We are leveraging our bleeding-edge, patented technology to address this prolific issue, along with its underlying stigma and environmental impact.

Where does the smoke go?

We don’t blockairborne particulates, we DESTROY them.

Broken down and eliminated through our proprietary multistage treatment system, potentially harmful contaminate goes in, clean air comes out.

Our Patented and Proprietary Zero-5 Technology™

Through aerodynamic science, the team at Philter Labs is able to create chemical change and break down exhaled aerosol on a molecular level.  This technology allows us to create an effective system in an incredibly small form factor by using less materials and keeping our waste down, but performance level up. Through this exclusive five-stage system, we are able to systematically and fundamentally break down and remove particulate and odor.


Particulate Filtration Efficiency

Validated scientific testing from an independent laboratory confirmed Zero-5 Technology captures and destroys up to 97% of airborne particulates, pollutants and VOC’s down to as small as .3 microns.

EN 1822 Tested & Certified:

Released in the year 2000, EN 1822 is the world’s most advanced and stringent air filter standard for
HEPA filters.

PHILTER devices are currently the world’s first nanofiltration systems in the vaping space to be tested to these standards by a globally recognized, independent filter laboratory.

Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board (SSAB)

The Scientific and Strategic Advisory Board was created to provide short and long-term business counsel and advise Philter Labs, Inc. on technical and strategic initiatives to expand the company’s impact on mitigating secondhand smoke. In conjunction with our research and development team, the SSAB will aid in continuing development and further our technology validation in the scientific community.

Two of the world’s leading toxicologists have joined our SSAB to provide invaluable insight and testing on our technology.

Dr. Willie J. McKinney has held several roles with Altria and JUUL. In 1998 Dr. McKinney joined the Altria family of companies and held a number of academic and research roles before joining the Executive Leadership Team as Vice President of Regulatory Sciences. His time at Altria was followed by serving as Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs for JUUL labs in San Francisco.

Dr McKinney served on FDA’s Tobacco Product Scientific Advisory Committee (TPSAC). Board Certified as a Toxicologist by the American Board of Toxicology in 2004, Dr. McKinney holds a Ph.D., in Environmental Toxicology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and M.S., in Biology, from North Carolina Central University, and a B.S., in Biology from Xavier University in New Orleans.

Dr. Michael S. Werley spent over two decades at Philip Morris/Altria, most recently serving in the capacity of Principal Scientist. He has authored numerous research studies on tobacco, nicotine, toxicity, inhalation, exposure, and harm reduction.  Dr. Werley earned a Ph.D., in Pharmacology/Toxicology from Temple University School of Pharmacy and a Master of Science (MS) from Temple University School of Medicine.

White Papers & Technology Reports

Philter Labs, Inc. has embarked on a significant effort to publish scientific papers as they relate to the current issue of second and third hand particulate and the harm reduction that our technology offers.


The Future of Filtration

Philter Labs is the change agent for creating a new norm of vaping and smoking behavior. Our technology works with nicotine, cannabis, and CBD oils and can be attached or integrated in to most any size and shape of vaporizer on the market today. We are the only company creating an environment where people who smoke or vape can coexist harmoniously with others while inspiring a movement to encourage this new dignified way of consumption. 

Quality Materials

We use only the highest quality and top tier materials. High Efficiency Particulate Air filter materials, mediums, and a proprietary particulate and odor removal carbon system that is unique and specially developed for our technology.

Patented Process

Through innovation and science our team has been awarded several U.S. Utility patents and has many more U.S. and International patents pending as it relates to our technology and its ability to further our mission of harm reduction in the smoking and vaping space.

Modern Design

Our small, sophisticated form factors and highly-effective filtration solutions are accessible in various products that meet the stringent and stylistic requirements of today’s modern vaper and smoker.