Mark Sandson

Mark Sandson, Strategic Advisor

Mark Sandson is a strategic advisor to early-stage technology companies. He performs in an advisory role regarding clients’ strategic planning, fund raising, and exit planning events, and has helped clients achieve successful fund raising campaigns and exits. He previously acted as a sell-side M&A intermediary. He has had executive and director roles in successful privately-held companies and established public firms. He has directed consulting, operations, and marketing in a wide range of information technology applications, including internet-based systems, enterprise and scientific software development, aerospace and defense, infrastructure management, and outsourcing, and has advised firms in life sciences, consumer products, payment systems, mobile marketing, automotive safety, water conservation, and others.

He has been an officer of four privately held businesses, each of which had successful exit events and a vice president of two NASDAQ-listed firms. He has served as member of the board of fifteen firms and president, CEO, and chairman of own business. He has been a director, and Interim CEO and Interim Chairman of a publicly traded firm. He has served as a consultant to the World Bank. He is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and has done graduate work at George Washington University.