Christos Nicolaidis

Christos Nicolaidis, Co-founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur, avid athlete and wake surfer who lives to defy the norm, Christos Nicolaidis knows just how to bring game-changing technology to the market. Over the course of his 20-year career, Nicolaidis has co-founded numerous, successful technology and internet ventures and led them to and through liquidity events. As a business leader in the creation of third-party entertainment gift card programs and the founder of Spend Smart Payments Company, Inc., a publicly traded company that reached a market cap of $120 million during his tenure, Nicolaidis is no stranger to breakthrough ideas that turn into groundbreaking ventures. In fact, you’ll recognize Nicolaidis as the one who rolled out the first patent-pending multimedia gift card, and ultimately operated the American Idol gift card program in North America.

“Philter is solving a major problem that has a global impact, and advocating for new laws that protect our citizens, the children of the future, and planet Earth.”