Vaping Etiquette for the Real World

February 04, 2021 2 min read

Vaping Etiquette for the Real World

There is, in general, more tolerance for vapers than there is for tobacco smokers. More tolerance for vapers doesn’t equal free rein to vape anywhere. However, the focus on vaping etiquette also all-too-often focuses exclusively on what adult vapers can do to accommodate non-vapers. While that’s certainly important, it’s also important for non-vapers to recognize that people have a right in places where it is allowed. Etiquette is a two-way street, and some communication, along with a personal air filter smoke and vapor can be eliminated with, which eliminates smoke and vapor and can go a long way to build bridges between those who partake and those who don’t.

Verify the Rules in Businesses
Overall, the rule of thumb seems to be—don’t vape in businesses in which you couldn’t smoke. Although, again, there are exceptions. Restaurants, or any business that serves food indoors, are virtually always a vaping no-go. Although some bars do allow their over-21 patrons to vape. A generally-accepted hard-and-fast piece of grown-up vaping etiquette is to avoid doing so in a line, whether for a business or not. If you’re not sure what the adult vaping policy is, ask first.

Verify the Rules in Homes and Cars
Some of the trickiest areas of adult vaping etiquette involve the homes and property of other people. Regardless of who the person is or how well you know them, even if you know they’re an adult vaper, ask permission before you partake. Some adult vapers may have concerns about vaping around pets or kids, or for whatever reason, do not want anyone vaping in their home or car. As you would do in any business with a policy you’re unsure of, ask first.

Use a Personal Filter
There has been a game-changing innovation in the world of adult e-cigarette and vape use. The personal smoke filter. These filters can be used in conjunction with many of the common vaping devices and have proven incredibly effective at eliminating secondhand smoke and airborne contaminants. It’s a device that can prove an absolute life-saver in any situation in which an adult is looking to vape but to do so without the accompanying emissions.

Tolerance From Non-Vapers
As mentioned, it is the responsibility of adult vapers or e-cigarette users to be considerate of those who don’t do so. No non-vaper wants to be in an elevator with another adult vaping or be trying to enjoy a meal while big clouds of strawberry cheesecake-scented vapor are drifting to their table. However, it is also important for non-vapers to keep in mind that an adult outdoors or in any location that allows vaping has a right to do so. Being anti-vape on principle, if someone is following the rules and being considerate about it, isn’t productive for anyone.

That being said, a personal filter, if you’re vaping, can reduce the chance of anyone taking offense even further.