Vaping & Your Social Life... 3 Vaping Habits for a Polite Society

December 08, 2018 2 min read

Vaping & Your Social Life... 3 Vaping Habits for a Polite Society

Nobody likes bad vaping etiquette! From respecting your surroundings to keeping it clean behind the wheel, here are 3 ways you can show respect and still enjoy your favorite vaping experience.

Be respectful of those around you.

Often when we see someone just start out vaping or making the switch to vapor from smoking, they feel a great sense of liberation in terms of when and where they can smoke. Why go all the way outside to take a toke when you can just hit your vape under your desk? And even if a little cloud of smoke appears for a minute... it’s just vapor, right?

One solution to vaping in public is filtering your vape.

Filtering your vape using products by Philter Labs which feature a patented five step filtration process will mean clean air, less stigma and zero guilt.

While you probably can vape in a number of places and situations, ask yourself if you are being respectful of non-vapers too. Not everyone might want to inhale what you’re exhaling, and we’re sure your friends, family and even total strangers will appreciate you considering them too.

Driving and vaping.

While it’s good to be able to multitask, vape maintenance and driving should be two things that you don’t mix, especially when it comes to dripping.

Dripping is a method where you manually drip e-liquid into your vaping device.

In addition, a recent quote from The Independent says: “Police are warning motorists who smoke e-cigarettes while driving that they risk losing their license if their vision is obscured by clouds of vapor.”

Just another reason why filtering your vape plume will allow you to continue vaping while still partaking in your daily activities like driving without the concern of legal repercussions.

Form better habits.

Some of us can honestly say we’ve picked up vaping in order to stop or change another bad habit (smoking), and that’s awesome! Forming habits is totally normal, and we’d like to work on forming better habits. The key is to being aware of our actions, getting rid of things that don’t work, and adjusting accordingly. Whether that’s cutting down the number of times you smoke or looking into purchasing a better quality e-liquid for your vape, it’s important to do your research to see what works for you.