Roommate Relationships: 4 Ways to Make Peace When It Comes to Smoking

March 05, 2021 2 min read

Roommate Relationships: 4 Ways to Make Peace When It Comes to Smoking

There are a number of differences that can make a roommate situation tricky. However, an adult smoker and a non-smoker, or vaper and a non-vaper, living together can prove among the most fraught. Unlike political disagreements that roommates can agree just not to discuss, the rules about smoking and vaping, or not, in a living space directly affect everyone involved. The good news is, with some communication, understanding, and perhaps the strategic use of a personal smoke filter, those differences can be kept from going nuclear.

Communicating is Key
It’s a cliché for a reason. A roommate relationship is still a relationship, and there’s nothing more important to a relationship than communication. Although, if those roommates are friends, a couple, or family members, those relationships can become even more complicated. The thing is, the specific adult smoker and non-smoker situations may differ considerably. Is the non-smoker adamant about no smoking or vaping whatsoever in a living space? Or is the nonsmoker uncomfortable with cannabis smoking or vaping in shared common areas? Whatever the situation, both roomies need to be clear about their needs and expectations from the beginning.

Establishing Smoking and Non-Smoking Areas
After the inhalation and exhalation expectations have been sorted out, drawing some lines in the sand (or in the carpet, on the hardwood, etc.) is in order. The smoking and vaping yea or nay zones have to be agreed upon and observed without exception. If the solution is an indoor/outdoor divide, make sure you plan ahead for inclement weather to prevent arguments when sunshine turns to rain or snow.

Incorporating Personal Smoke Filters
Some roommate concerns about adult smoking or vaping can be addressed by modern technology. For instance, at Philter Labs we offer exceptionally effective personal nicotine, vape emission, and weed smoke filters. Rather than simply masking the odors and the airborne particulates produced by those emissions, our filters can actually destroy them. Having the technology available to scrub those smoke or vapor exhales of odor, airborne particulates, and other pollutants can go a long way to easing a non-smoking roommate’s concerns. 

Staying on Top of Cleaning and Ventilation
Along with health concerns, the main thing non-smokers tend to be worried about is the smell. The smell of smoke can be pretty sticky, and people who aren’t producing that smoke aren’t crazy about it sticking to them or their living space. That can be an issue even when an adult smoking roommate is consistent about keeping it to their room or whatever smoking area has been decided. That smoke smell can creep beyond its confines. However, the strength of that smell can be minimized with cleaning and ventilation. Keeping windows open when partaking, washing ashtrays, using baking soda to absorb odors, and other smell-reduction practices can make a big difference.