It’s not MAGIC, it’s Science! The secret behind PHILTER

October 24, 2019 2 min read

It’s not MAGIC, it’s Science! The secret behind PHILTER

Have you ever been to a magic show? Oohing and awing at a magician’s sleight of
hand is indeed a fun way to spend an evening, but not all things require a cleverly
executed illusion or deception to do the (pun intended) trick. Nobody should have to be put under a spell to understand that vape clouds can be annoying to non-vapers, so it’s nice to know there’s a contraption out there that magically makes vapor and smoke disappear. The folks at Philter Labs have conjured up the POCKET and PHLIP to be a magician’s assistant of sorts for vapers everywhere, and here are 3 ways it works, all deception aside:

Quality materials: PHILTER is all about sleek performance and functional impact. Both the POCKET and PHLIP are crafted with sleek silicone and come in fresh colors to suit your lifestyle. Now you can also replace your old PHILTER cartridge rather than throwing away the whole unit, which means you’re not only contributing to cleaner air but also an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to eliminate your emissions. Talk about having an ace up your sleeve.

Design: The POCKET and PHLIP are definitely of the supernatural realm, as in
they’re super naturally easy to use! In fact, it’s never been easier to keep the air around you smoke free. Simply insert your favorite vape into the PHLIP sleeve, and ‘flip’ between inhaling from your vaporizer and exhaling the vapor into the filter. You can also vape on your own terms with the POCKET. Keep a POCKET handy in your jacket, purse, backpack and car to ensure a chill vaping experience every time, with no smoke, no smell and no worries. No smoke and mirrors, here!

Science: 4+ years of research and development led to an amazing engineering feat – a filter small enough to be integrated into a personal, handheld vaporizer that successfully filters 95% of the emissions from a vape. That’s almost all fire and no smoke! Our patented 5-Step Filtration process treats the vape through a series of molecular changes that result in zero emissions at the end. It not only filters secondhand smoke, but captures and dissolves the particulates, VOCs and pollutants. When it comes to eliminating vape smoke, a PHILTER is the only trick up our sleeve.

Are you a vaper who could use a little magic? Don’t be bamboozled, shop PHILTER